Natalie Saige Green

  • Birthplace:
    Manhattan, New York (Circa 1967)
  • Occupational History:
    Employee (1983-1985 Edna's Edibles; Peekskill, NY)
    Manager/Owner (1985-1988 Over Our Heads; Peekskill, NY)
    Employee (1985 - O'Leary Funeral Home)
    Cashier (1985 - Grocery Store)
    Employee (1986-1988 Road Construction)
    Asst. Manager (1987 Senior Sombreros)
    Reporter (1987 Peekskill Press)
    Reporter ( - 2001 CNN News)
  • Hobbies:

I'd rather be a happy magic marker than a skinny pencil.

  • Family:
    Ellen Manheim (Mother)
    Dr. Green (Father, adoptive)
    Evie Green (Mother, adoptive)
    Mona Green (Grandmother, adoptive)
    *unknown (step-sister)
    Robert (fiancé)

  • Education:
    Eastland Academy (197? - 1984; Peekskill, NY)
    Langley College (1987 - 199?; Peekskill, NY)

    "I'd rather be a happy Magic Marker than a skinny pencil," says chubby Natalie—and she means it. Even though she doesn't fit the mold of a traditional beauty, Natalie has a healthy self-image and a razor-sharp wit. She is an active member of the school newspaper staff, which she hopes will prepare her for a future as a writer. One of her major flaws is her willingness to follow any new trend or advice, no matter how way-out it may seem. In 2001 her boyfriend Harper proposes to her and they planned to get married. She and Harper work for a news publishing company.

    Mindy Cohn was born on May 20th, 1966, in Los Angeles, California. Mindy Cohn, known to most as the somewhat neurotic Natalie Green on The Facts of Life, has been an actress, a talk-show hostess and a game-show guest star. She was discovered by future co-star Charlotte Rae when Rae was researching for the show at Cohn's L.A. school, Harvard-Westlake.

    Mindy continued to act in various roles, including ones in the sitcom The Second Half, Suddenly Susan, Hot in Cleveland, TLC's What Not to Wear, The Middle, and the 2000 feature film Alone with a Stranger. She also did voice-overs for TBS's Chimp Channel series and the animated Kids From Room 402. In 1995 Mindy, earned a degree in sociology from Loyola Marymount University, which was put to good use on a Phoenix-based radio talk show where she discussed teen issues alongside co-host Alan Thicke (Coincidentally, Thicke co-wrote the Facts of Life theme song). Mindy starred in the short-lived 2004 WB Sitcom The Help as Maggie the cook. Her biggest post 'Facts of Life' success has been voice work (including a Daytime Emmy nomination for What's New, Scooby-Doo?) for famous brainy character Velma Dinkley and being a founding member of the weSpark cancer support center. In 2020 she started hosting a weekly podcast called "Mondays with Mindy" featuring many celebrity guest stars and friends.


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